Accu-Grip™ for AR, Black


Almost all AR-15 shooters find the trigger too close to the grip (80% of men, 45% of women). Accu-Grip can be adjusted for medium to extra large hands so that the trigger finger “indexes” naturally and instinctively to the correct location on the trigger. Improved control and accuracy result. Varmint, long range, 3gun, target… all benefit.

Changes fixed trigger index length on AR from 2.25 inches to 2.75 – 3.25” in .14” increments.
Made from DuPont Zytel with long strand glass fibers with SS and brass fittings
– strong, precise and durable.
Adjustment is simple, secure and reliable.
AR compatible with all Milspec AR lowers. Can replace any factory or aftermarket grip.
US Patent Filed – Made in USA

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