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Guerrilla Worx Happenings

As time permits, I would like to detail some of the fun projects we’ve been working on around the shop. We are lucky enough to work in shop that allows us to build just about anything we dream up!

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been working on in the last few weeks:

This is a set of custom parts for a Beretta ARX100 that Dan built for a customer. Our customer wanted to convert his civilian ARX100 to resemble the military ARX160. Dan used a lathe and CNC machine to craft these beautiful parts.

Custom Nickel plated, adjustable muzzle brake anyone? More of Dan’s handy work.

Andy’s Custom 1911 grips, fresh off the laser engraver, with our signature Guerrilla Worx “X”

The same custom grips after receiving an in-house Cera-Kote paint job. The slide has also been hit with Cera-Kote, as well has having custom grooves cut into the front of the slide.

Greg’s AR-15 with a fresh coat of Cera-Kote, laser engraved Guerrilla Worx logo, and recently molded flat dark earth Guerrilla Grips.

What’s this? This definitely looks like Greg setting up to cut a barrel of some type–research for our next BIG project. That’s all I can tell you guys right now.

Check back soon for some detailed project write-ups!


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